How will you know when your commercial washing machine needs repair or replacement? Washing machines have a lot of moving parts that may break, requiring repair or replacement before it even seems necessary to do so.

That’s why you need to detect problems early on to know when your washing machine required attention. Here are a few of the common warning signs to watch out for:

  1. Leaking washing machine

If you find water on the floor as the machine performs its job, it may come from:

  • Tub overflow, or a cracked or damaged tub, which usually happens in older models
  • Loose or damaged water supply hose
  • Bad sealing on the front-loader door

Leaking isn’t a catastrophic issue that requires replacement, but it makes quite a mess!

  1. Strange noises

Washing machines would make odd noises when it has off-balance loads, especially if the machine has load-balancing features. Loud thumping won’t usually signal trouble but check if the machines are leveled. While they have adjustable feet, they may come loose, requiring adjustment.

However, if your washing machine makes a lot of noise even with a normal load, it may come from a loose dryer drum or issues around the motor mount. These can sometimes be repaired, but if the issue is too serious, it may require replacing the machine.

  1. Not filling up properly

Newer and high-efficiency washing machines would use less water to clean clothes, so it may be tough knowing whether or not your machine has a water-filling issue. But if there other issues such as the clothes looking dingy or detergent stains appear, then there’s a chance your machine has water problems.

You may also find leaks around your machine due to the cycles progressing incorrectly. Another cause of the poor water filling is a damaged computer control element or programming, which is from power surges.

  1. Takes long to do its job

Your washing machines may have failing computerized components, which would lead to longer wash times. There are various causes to this, including venting issues.

If that’s the case, make sure to have it checked if the washing machine needs repairs or replacements. If your washing machine has a venting issue or clogged hose, it poses a fire risk.

It’s best to have this repaired quickly and see if any parts require replacement. Companies like Alliance offer alliance laundry parts to keep your machine performing well after repairs.

  1. The machines are old

As mentioned, appliances will have an average expected lifespan. When washing machines reach the end of their lifespan, they most likely won’t perform as well as they did before.

Unfortunately, some laundry parts, even from reputable places like Laundry Replacement Parts, may not be available to fix your machines. Even if they were, there is still a risk of the washing machine performing poorly, even after repairing.

Wrapping It Up

Make sure to look out for any of these warning signs to make sure all of your commercial washing machines are running in optimum condition now.