When marketing a SaaS company online, there will always be unique challenges. Although there are some upsides to focusing on the SaaS business model – mainly, that you don’t have to promote particular products in the way that ecommerce stores have to, there are other things you will need to keep top of mind. First of all, software is not always a ubiquitous solution, and it not always the first thing that people think of when they are looking to solve problems online. While you can use content marketing to help you explain the benefits of your software, a better way to frame these efforts is to make it based on information and problem-solving. This, in turn, will help your content marketing stand out from the sea of content that exists on the web that solely exists to herald the benefits of particular SaaS offerings.

However, it is very difficult to get people to actually read your content. While you can through a paid ad budget behind it, this is not always the best way to get readers to engage with content that is B2B of even just relevant to higher-education consumers. While a SaaS company like Canva can use content marketing to be fun and quirky, most SaaS companies don’t have the luxury of using these types of attributes to describe what they do. Cloud storage or blockchain can only be marketed as so fun, regardless of its immense benefits in the digital space.

This is where SEO comes in. By using a proven SEO SaaS framework, you can avoid the ‘build it and they will come’ problem that comes with content marketing. Not all SaaS companies have the opportunity to be bold with their content marketing efforts, and most of it is technical and informational. That is why SEO is a great way to get these types of content pieces discovered by high intend searchers.

To start this, you will want to focus on keywords. Using keywords, you can actually correctly gear your content marketing efforts toward things that people are searching for, particularly people who may want to become users of your software. In doing so, you can help searchers discover information about your software solution and more importantly how your SaaS company can actually solve their problems. Many times people don’t even know that they need or should consider software to solve everyday problems, and if you can provide the solution through your SaaS solution, then it is all the better.

When considering keywords for your content marketing, you’ll want to look at both informational queries and long tail keywords. Long tail keywords often have low search volume, but they are usually highly targeted and you will be able to rank for them quit easily given the right piece of content. Once you are able to rank for a number of long tail keywords, you will then start to see a dramatic boost in your rankings as your site authority and relevance increases in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Once the content is in place and targeted toward keywords, the secret sauce is to build links to boost the content. This involves reaching out to website and publications outside of your own website. When building links for your SaaS company, you want to make sure they are on websites that cover topics such as business, technology, and work. As long as you build relevant links, target the right keywords, and build compelling and comprehensive content, then you will be able to rank your SaaS company on Google and other search engines and get targeted traffic in no time.