Your business is one of a kind. You want to proudly introduce it to the world. You are careful with things like insider selling and buying, and giving your investors the information they need. You make sure you follow all the business laws where you live. But is there more you can do?

The Trademark of Your Business: Your Very Own Brand

You don’t really want your business to blend in with other businesses in the same market. It is important that you develop a way for your business to stand out in your current market. There are various different ways to accomplish this effect, but all of them achieve you a standing within your industry that is notable to others.

You need to have certain methods that you employ in order to make sure that people remember the name of your brand and they remember what your brand stands for. Here are three ways to make your business stand out among the rest of your competitors.


It might sound cliche but, hey, it works. People have been using mascots since the dawn of business in order to give their company a brand that is completely unforgettable. It is one of the most viable ways to gain investors. Sports teams often use mascots in order to help their fans associate the team with something positive. People take to mascots well and they find them endearing. Your brand should have a mascot.

You can choose your mascot in any number of ways. Choosing an animal mascot is a helpful way to help people feel a connection with your brand and make your brand memorable. Even if your specific business is not directly related to the animal mascot, it can help people to feel affection for your brand.

You may choose a mascot that stands for strength such as a Mustang or one that people find adorable like a dog. It completely depends on your marketing strategy, but make sure that your mascot matches with the general marketing campaign that you have established.

Colorful Marketing

By all means and for goodness sake, do not come up with a marketing campaign that features muted Earth tones or pastels. Marketing is an excellent opportunity to get through to your audience and you should use every venue possible to make your brand memorable. This means using warm colors, such as reds, oranges, and yellows. It also means using neons and bright colors, such as neon green, neon blue, neon red, or fuchsia. You want your brand to make a mark so make sure to use colors that do so.

You can use these colors in your marketing campaigns by using them to accent fonts, using them in the portrayal of your mascots, or by using them on your actual marketing materials. Marketing materials that you can brand with colorful advertising include branded pens, branded refrigerator magnets, and branded notepads. Make sure that any branded merchandise that you sell has neon or bright colors on it to get your audience’s attention.

TV Commercials

You should aim to achieve the most effective forms of marketing possible for your brand. This means aiming for advertising on billboards and TV commercials

You want to reach the widest audience possible with the most views. You need to be saving up money in the long term to invest in a TV commercial. This will gain you thousands of customers and it will make your business go from nothing to life-size in a matter of months. This form of advertising cannot be underestimated.

You should start developing contacts within the TV industry before you actually have saved up the money to air a TV commercial. You need to maintain correspondence at least a few months ahead of time before you air your TV commercial. You should do this in order to establish a positive rapport with those at the TV network and also to make sure that they welcome your commercial spot with open arms when you do make the proposal. You can do this by writing a formal, yet friendly, letter to the TV network letting them know that in the near future you will be submitting a formal proposal requesting air time for your commercial.

They will appreciate this cordial gesture and will be more likely to accept your offer if you do this in advance and politely. By all means be enthusiastic too, because it will be quite an exciting feat for you to air your very own TV commercial on your local television network.