Have you ever come across a Google Maps notification informing you of the traffic on the streets you usually pass? Or did you post a photo on your Facebook, and did the facial recognition of everyone present? These are just small examples of how artificial intelligence is already present in our routine.

In addition to helping us with personal tasks, artificial intelligence from structurely ai email assistant is essential in the industrial scenario. It is possible to optimize the entire production chain and generate incredible results through it.

Areas Of Application And Benefits

From science fiction to reality! Artificial intelligence helps us in daily activities, whether in the work environment or personal life. Let’s go to several examples

For Organizations

In a productive process, artificial intelligence allows for significant advances in the efficiency of an organization. Its application can optimize processes, whether end or moderate activity, reduce costs, improve quality and reduce errors. These points are then reflected in profitability gains and economic advances.

On a production line, an AI can control every step. For example, we have robots that carry out activities with minimal errors faster than a human collaborator. These points generate a much more agile and higher quality process since the non-conformities’ dispersion parameter is reduced. Therefore, the process is minor subject to rework and with more excellent reliability.

Another example is software capable of integrating all the plant information through IoT. They can analyze a large volume of data and support decision-making. In this way, managers can control production processes and interfere remotely or even rely on a system capable of solving problems and proposing solutions autonomously.

For Personal Life

We can also see the presence of artificial intelligence in our daily personal activities. Virtual assistants like Siri, from the iOS system, and Cortana, from Microsoft, use AI to interact with the user, learn from their routine and help them with tasks such as controlling the calendar, applications, and searching for information.

Today, even if users mix their personal and work email accounts, Cortana can understand what the messages are about, flag them and set priorities for reading. Still, on the issue of emails, Gmail also has the feature of intelligent auto-replies. All these thanks to the analysis of your profile and behavior.

Another example is the recommendation system from structurely ai email assistant used by applications like Spotify and Netflix. They suggest content according to what you consume the most, updating with each new experience. Shopping sites use the same device to recommend products through machine learning. Amazon can even identify the best time to make offers through its software.