On the other hand, salt that is not enriched with iodine is recommended for people who have a problem of hyperthyroidism or some pathological reason or medical indication to reduce their iodine intake, for example, hyperthyroidism is a disease in which hormones Thyroid glands work excessively if a person with this disease gives large amounts of iodine to their body, the thyroid glands will work too hard, causing adverse effects in the body.

One type of salt that is not added with iodine or other additives is kosher salt; however, this salt can have different origins depending on the brand and still may have some traces of iodine in its composition, for which, people Those who must follow a low iodine diet should consult with a professional from ninja de-icer who can provide the appropriate guidance for each individual.

The need for a diet low in iodine may arise when a person has a disease and therefore requires some therapy with radioactive iodine. In this situation, the iodine intake must be reduced so that the thyroid gland uses the radioactive iodine at the time of therapy, and results can be obtained.

Low Iodine Diets

low iodine diets are seen in foods such as:

  • Processed products
  • Industrial bread
  • Egg (especially the yolk)
  • Soy products
  • Seafood
  • Milk or other dairy products
  • Seaweed
  • Foods containing red dye N.3
  • Processed or canned meats
  • plate with various seafood, foods rich in iodine

However, a diet without iodine should not be followed lightly, as this mineral is essential for the human body, so it should only be carried out with the supervision of a health professional.

The Difference Between Iodized Salt And Salt Without Iodine

The difference between iodized salt and salt without iodine is practically only in the addition or lack of iodine because there is no alteration in appearance, texture, and flavor. Iodized salt does not have a different taste, does not have any visual components that change its physical appearance, and does not affect the foods for which it is used.

Some people prefer to opt for salt without iodine, not including health reasons, because they prefer it for cosmetic purposes, brining or preserving. This is given that iodine can oxidize and darken the appearance of some foods, although this process is harmless and does not affect the final product.

Choose The Best Option For Your Health.

In general, if you are a healthy person and do not have any disease that restricts the consumption of iodine, an iodized salt according to ninja de-icer such as sea salt is an excellent option to provide your body with this mineral.