There are many ways to cook meat depending on the pieces and generally speak more expensive the faster joints you can cook it. The parts of animals that have rental exercises are usually planted and this can be baked, fried and baked, while harder pieces need longer and slower dishes.

Fortunately nutritional value of a piece of meat has nothing to do with the softness or it feels and all cuts contain good protein, some B vitamins and iron. It is useful to remember when shopping with a budget and some of the heaviest cuts can end up as the most delicious food if they are cooked properly.

In meat oven can be cooked quickly or slowly. Roasting at traditional high temperatures will provide browned connections outside and pink or inside depending on personal choice. Grilling is slow to destroy the fiber so there is a bit of shrinkage and the meat is very soft but this sometimes produces a little taste.

Grilling and frying is best stored for better pieces of meat, meat, steak etc. Because both are very fast and do not allow much time to destroy fibers before the meat is cooked. Marination meat first for one or two hours in oil and lemon with spices, spices and onions is often a great idea for this type of cooking and works well when baked as well.

Long, slow cooking – boiled or braising – in liquid slowly from experienced stock and wine with root vegetables is perfect for cheaper meat pieces. The end result is very soft meat with rich and very attractive sauce during the winter months.

The meat is baked outside with saliva or barbeque, as long as it is done correctly, cooked through and not allowed to burn, is the most delicious meat of everything. Sausage, meat and steak are both good and best of all are nursing pigs.