Bandwidth On Demand is a new technique for sending data to computer networks. This system works by automatically allocating higher bandwidth or data transfer capacity to identified networks. In this way, the network can receive data faster and in higher quality forms at any time. While the technology is relatively new, it can be useful, even revolutionizing, a number of major industries.


Exploration and oil extraction and other geological materials from the earth can be made more efficient. For one, real-time communication can be activated even on locations that do not have the current internet system. If an important problem arises from the location of a deepwater oil drilling, there is no doubt that the oil drilling crew needs to immediately consult an expert engineer who tends to be outside the location. With bandwidth on demand, communication between these two parties can be easily regulated so that the consultant does not need to go to the site to compile a solution.


Smooth medical procedures are carried out remotely by the surgeon are not common. But this can soon become a norm thanks to bandwidth on demand technology. Because hospital facilities do not need to share bandwidth with other ordinary internet users in and around the area, then high-quality video conferencing, and even control of surgical equipment, everything can be possible.

Mass media

With a better communication system activated by bandwidth on demand, international news reports can now be sent by journalists to their local institutions even more efficient. Also, the news crew does not need to be physically on the site just to be able to gather important information. Data relay systems such as automatic cameras can be easily arranged on sites, with recorded information sent to the identified computer network. As it can be very profitable, especially if the location discussed is too dangerous for journalists to constantly be on.


The bank has long relied on computer networks for client data mass storage. Of course, the need for this strong computer network has increased with more financial institutions that provide online self-service banking to customers. Needless to say, computer networks of these banks must constantly go up and run, and efficiently too. With bandwidth on request, these networks do not need to worry about sharing their internet access capacity, thus ensuring unbeatable security and services for host clients at any time.


Academic institutions, especially those who offer online classes, can be very useful from this technology. With bandwidth on demand, high quality video streaming from college can be possible. Also, schools can utilize this technology at any time the need for the ability to access higher internet is needed. Special shows like when hosting conferences that must be simultaneously broadcast to other distance participating schools will be an example.

This technology depends on the circuit-switched network system. This basically means that higher internet access capacity will only be sent every time there is a need. Because this is the problem, it can be cheaper because the full-time internet subscription will no longer be needed.