In recent years, a lot of the top companies in the world of logistics and distribution have started using customized boxes for their products. As you might know, there are many different types of packaging that these large companies use, and one of the most popular is corrugated boxes. They can be used for just about anything, from protecting delicate equipment to transporting massive cargoes of products for international distribution..

Most traditional boxes are simply boxes, made in a standard shape. They are designed in a certain way so that they can stack up to a certain weight and/or volume, but they do not exactly have any creative design or style to them. This means that they are boring and plain, which is never what people are looking for when they are shipping anything.

With just-in-time cardboard boxes, you get a box that is specifically made to ship things, and it has been designed to maximize space, make sure that the contents are properly protected and to also keep them from tipping over and injuring whoever is inside. It is for all these reasons that a lot of the big global companies in the world of distribution and logistics outsource their entire process.

Now, let’s talk about why these boxes are outsourced. First and foremost, you need to understand that corrugated boxes are not made in the same way that traditional boxes are. While both boxes are constructed from a standard cardboard box, they are designed in very different ways. Traditional boxes are much heavier than corrugated boxes, because they are typically constructed from heavy cardboard and they have very solid sides and bottoms.

What makes corrugated boxes so useful?

  • Corrugated boxes are made from lightweight cardboard that has been specially manufactured to be flexible but sturdy.
  • They do not have to be made with metal, though sometimes they are, and they can have a variety of different looks to them, depending on the overall design of the box and how it has been designed.
  • Boxes that are created with unique designs, good color choices and lots of different textures can appeal to a lot more customers than boxes that are simply made from standard cardboard.

Another reason why you might want to outsource these boxes is because you do not necessarily have the capacity to create your own corrugated boxes. You might simply not have the ability to purchase the materials to make them, or you might not have the proper machinery to do the assembly. These boxes are often shipped already built, and they are incredibly easy to assemble. In the long run, this is definitely an advantage that you will find appealing.