How Early Coding Education Can Pay Off Later In Life, According To WhiteHat Jr CEO Karan Bajaj

Education is shifting, and researchers are learning more and more about how children process information. WhiteHat Jr CEO Karan Bajaj is working to help kids develop their confidence and perseverance early on by taking coding classes.

“We start at grade one,” says Bajaj. He went on to claim, “One of the biggest inspirations was research that revolved around how kids peak in creativity around age five and six.” He went on to explain that every ten years after that peak, a person’s creativity goes down by 50%.

Kids who take classes aren’t just learning how to code; they’re learning that they can take an idea that exists in their mind and turn it into reality using coding. This doesn’t just help kids learn new skills in the short-term. It also helps them realize that they can create new ideas and concepts as they advance through their education.

How Does Coding Class Work For Young Kids At WhiteHat Jr?

Karan explains that kids aren’t just thrown into the technical ins and outs of coding. Kids are instructed with various details at the beginning of coding classes, slowly building their confidence on problem solving to make decisions independently.

This is especially important for young kids who have never had exposure to coding or computer science before, and in first grade, this applies to most children. According to Karan, building the child’s confidence bit by bit allows them to stay focused without becoming frustrated or overwhelmed by challenging concepts.

As the class goes on, instructors slowly begin to give more responsibility to children as their skills develop. Karan Bajaj explains that this shows kids how the process of learning something difficult can work. When it’s separated into small pieces and taught a bit at a time, they’re able to understand and create outcomes that once seemed out of reach.

WhiteHat Jr Isn’t Necessarily Trying To Develop Young Coding Experts, Karan Bajaj Explains

Bajaj says that the goal isn’t to turn every child who takes classes into a young coder — it’s about showing kids that they can take their ideas and make them into something tangible. Instructors work closely with students to ensure that they’re slowly but surely building on previous knowledge, expanding their skills, and growing their love of creating new ideas and concepts. To learn more about WhiteHat Jr you can visit their website or contact [email protected].