Online business and commerce have become crucial for businesses to retain a sparkling 5-star rating online in any field. Every increase in a star means revenue growth. By knowing this, star ratings play a critical role in influencing buying decisions.

People would request their friends and family about services and products, and they now depend on online reviews to decide whether a service or product is actually worth their investment.

About 90% of people read online reviews before visiting a business or purchasing a product in today’s world. Another 74% of consumer’s report that a positive review greatly influences their purchasing decision.

Potential customers trust online ratings for different reasons, such as:

  • Each stands for an authentic experience
  • Reviews are usually regardless of any bias.
  • Potential customers are offered the confidence to do business, knowing that they will not face any issues with the process.

How to get five-star ratings

It is easy and difficult at the same time to get 5 stars rating for your business. Our business pays attention to building a gleaming reputation online. Your business should pay attention to creating a gleaming online reputation.

Here are a handful of guidelines for improving the chances of your business getting a clean 5-star rating:

  • Register with online platforms

Platforms such as Angie’s List, Facebook or Yelp allows customers to quickly and easily review your business.

  • Let your clients know that their star ratings will help others.
  • Improve the process of leaving an online review

Make the procedure of leaving an online review easy for your client with workable links from your emails or websites.

  • Request your customers to give you a 5-star rating

Do not be shy in asking your clients to give your business 5-stars if satisfied and happy with your service.

  • Build a rapport with new and existing clients’

Work on creating relationships with your new and existing clients. Happy customers that feel you have gone extra in meeting their needs will leave eye-catching reviews.

  • Block negative reviews

Use reputation management software like Review Dingo to block negative ratings. It prevents your 5-star rating from being spoiled.

  • Establish an online presence

Establish an online presence by creating company pages on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Provide excellent customer services

Maintain high levels and offer excellent customer service so that quality products and services are worth leaving a 5-star review for.

  • Look into any problems that your clients have undergone and address them without any further delays.

Final thoughts

While these guidelines will help your business, you will maintain a 5-star rating using a reputation management solution. It helps continually addresses and monitor ratings of all poor reviews before they crash your business’s overall online reputation.

Considering the influence of star ratings on the overall growth of your business, it is essential to take your business’s reputation into your hands and work towards changing it to achieve your business goals.