The growth of technologies and access to diverse content evolving disrupted the way TV businesses, markets operate, and how consumers watch television. The TV industry feels the importance of staying at the cutting-edge innovation and developing technologies that transform the way we watch, create and distribute content.

Today, most US citizens opt for Spectrum TV. However, when opting for Spectrum TV, we often inquire about the benefits we get on spectrum TV in my area. The article focuses entirely on spectrum TV, concentrating more on the areas inquired by the possible customers.

What is Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV is a division of Charter Communications offering a wide range of cable TV packages for its customers along with ways to watch TV without a cable. In 2014, Charter started using the brand name Spectrum for its internet, phone, and TV services.

The subscribers can also enjoy some of the offers provided by the division, such as access to the internet, landline phone services, and recently mobile services via Spectrum Mobile. Covering 41 states, Spectrum ranks as the third-largest pay-tv service in the US market after AT&T and Comcast. Most recently, the division started offering semi-exclusive TV shows and for its subscribers.

Spectrum TV Plans

Spectrum TV in my area offers several plans for people having standard cable TV connections and those using internet connections on their TVs. Below, we enlisted the details of the plans:

Cable TV Plans

The subscribers can enjoy four basic plans for their standard cable TV connections through Charter Spectrum. All the basic plans of the division allow the users to access the Spectrum TV application for their personal computers, smart televisions, mobile devices, and numerous free and paid TV shows and movies. The lining up of specific channels might differ depending on the users’ location. You can also avail of other premium channels for each plan against additional fees.

The division offers the following channels for the subscribers using the standard cable connections.

Choice: Starting at $34.99 per month, the subscribers enjoy all the local channels and ten extra channels that the users can choose from the list of 72 available channels.

Select: Starting at a fee of $44.99 per month, you can enjoy over 125 HD channels.

Silver: Starting at a fee of $74.99 per month, you can enjoy more than 175 HD channels, including HBO, Network, NFL, and Showtime. You have access to free HBO Max streaming services.

Gold: With a minimum fee of $94.99, you can enjoy more than 200 channels, including HBO, Network, NFL, The Movie Channel, Starz, Starz Encore, and Showtime. You can enjoy streaming HBO Max services.

How Can I access the plans on Spectrum TV in my area?

All the plans for the standard cable TV connections require a set-top box, DVR box, or CableCARD device connected to the home television. You can also access the channels with the Spectrum TV app. Ensure that Charter’s Spectrum division offers bundles with telephone, internet access, and mobile services against other rates. Often customers inquire about cable TV plans for Latin audiences, which you can easily avail from Spectrum.

Spectrum TV offers its customers a separate non-advertised plan, especially to those dwelling in competitive areas. The company’s Lifestyle plan includes all local channels and more than 50 other cable channels for $19.95 per month, which is available only if you bindle it with their internet services.

Internet-Only Plans

If you are an internet-only customer, you can also subscribe to Spectrum TV Stream that offers all the local TV channels and 25 other cable TV channels against a charge of $34.99. Besides, you can avail extra channels for additional fees. Alternatively, you can also pick Spectrum TV Essentials offering 62 channels against a charge of $14.99. However, the latter option does not offer its customers any local channels. You can only stream the channels on your computers or smart TVs through the Spectrum TV app.

Other Services Offered by Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV App

If you are a cable TV customer, you can also access live TV channels on their PC, smart TV, and mobile device whether you are at home or not. The local broadcast channels are unavailable on the app if not connected to the Spectrum internet source. The applications also offer exclusive access to the cable TV services’ on-demand library of television movies and shows. If you want to view the programs offline, you can download the programs through mobile apps. The best thing is you can program your home DVR remotely with the app.

Currently, the app supports the following devices:

  • Tablets and phones based on iOS
  • Tablets and phones based on Android
  • Apple TV set-top boxes
  • Amazon Fire tablets
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • Microsoft Xbox One consoles

Besides those mentioned above, the mobile applications also support Google Chromecast dongles and TVs, thereby allowing them to cast their apps on these gadgets.

Spectrum Originals

Spectrum TV opened its first original programming in 2018 through its on-demand service under the brand Spectrum Originals. The shows offered through Spectrum Originals are semi-exclusive, which means they are either original to the US market or released primarily for the Spectrum customers before availing on other outlets.

LA’s Finest, Mad about You, Curfew, Manhunt: Deadly Games, Temple, Paradise Lost, And Side Games are some of the shows you can avail of now on Spectrum Originals. The brand also disclosed the upcoming shows, including George & Tammy, Angela Black, Eden, Last Chance U, Tinseltown, Beacon 23, The Second Wave, Long Slow Exhale, and Joe Pickett.


Charter’s Spectrum division offers several plans from which the users can choose. If you want to watch TV and use other internet services, it is better to opt for Spectrum’s cable TV plans only. Besides, there are a couple of bundle packages as well, which are available only for Spectrum internet users. The individual packages also provide its users with services that you might not want to miss. Opt for the one that best suits your needs and budget.