Few things are as frightening to most people as the thought of a home fire. Your roof is meant to protect your home from fire, especially because it is made with hatches that can withstand a fire for a certain amount of time, giving the fire department a chance to put the fire out altogether. These items are designed to keep the fire from getting worse for a period of time, and they are all fire-rated so you can know how long that time frame is.

What Are Hatches All About?

Fire-rated hatches or plasterboards do a great job of keeping the fire at bay, at least for a while. The boards come in various sizes and start at around £16 for a board that is 2400 mm x 1200 mm x 12.5 mm in size. They often come in various colours and have a tapered edge, and they are super-easy to handle and install. This means that even if you’ve never completed a home-improvement project before, you can still easily figure out how to work with these boards.

The plasterboards are usually able to provide up to 60 minutes of protection from the fire, and that is often long enough to get the fire department there to start putting out the fire. They usually provide conductivity of 0.24 W/mK, and they usually offer EN 520 compliance. Because of these things, the plasterboards are safe and extremely efficient, and because they usually have a pink paper face, they are instantly recognisable when you’re shopping for them.

How Many of These Plasterboards Do You Need?

It isn’t that difficult to determine how many plasterboards you’ll need for a particular project, and the store that sells them can help you figure this out so that you won’t run out as you work. Most are made out of gypsum, but the important thing to remember about them is their ability to keep your home much safer from fire and that working with them and installing them is a breeze. There are other advantages to these plasterboards as well, such as their ability to keep you safer when you have to go on top of your roof and their ability to sound-proof your home or office.

While plasterboards are associated with commercial buildings, homeowners can use them, too. If you’d like to research them yourself, it’s best to do this online, where you can find tons of information on them and even purchase them off many different websites.