If one has a processing plant of any particular kind, one in all probability is having an industrial cooling process among other centrifugal fan applications. That’s because often manufacturing operations use heat as a necessary element as a part of the process. Heat can however also be quite dangerous in comparison to the other elements. Even when the heating process is not in action, there might also be some natural friction from the moving parts that can create an excess amount of heat. Make sure to get the industrial fan from the best industrial fan manufacturers.

In the industrial cooling process, the fans add some cool ambient air to the hot process air using pressure and airflow that will help remove the heat. In case the process involves certain applications like ovens, furnaces, boilers, and dryers, one again needs to cool down that air before the next step is in the process.

Certain industries like energy, paper, food processing, pulp, plastics, metals, and glass rely on combustion for heating as well as drying purposes, so they will all require fans at the time of cooling.

Fan Design as well as the Maintenance Considerations for the Industrial cooling Process

One has to start protecting the fans used in any industrial application during the cooling process in the design phase itself and it never stops. When there is proximity to high temperatures and corrosive gasses, it means designing for the extremes that include vibration as well as temperature variations.

The applications that are involved in the cooling process are:

Using a duplicate fan for redundancy

Several cooling applications require two fans. These are required either for redundancy or to put any kind of additional pressure to handle extreme temperatures. Redundancy is the designing of the system with a built-in backup in case any application fails. This is all the more true for those applications that address pollution control. This is because of the strict emissions regulations that have been issued and governed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In case, one fails to comply with these regulations, it carries steep penalties. Moreover one also has to bear the cost of downtime and repair in case the system overheats.

Bears Protection

It is always recommended to protect and consistently maintain the fan bearings, as this is the most common cause of fan failure. This is also quite critical during high-temperature applications that also require a specific cooling process. In these cases, the bearings are also protected from extreme heat using insulation, custom shaft seals and heat slingers. Good industrial fan manufacturers will provide one with the best fans.

Managing the vibration

Where there are extreme conditions like when there are very high temperatures, vibration will often follow. Suppose one wants to protect the bearings and fan from dangerous imbalances and avoid costly outages. In that case, it is highly recommended that one uses vibration sensors to monitor vibration levels and also alert the maintenance staff in case the vibration levels are too high.


Air and heat are two very important components of industrial process manufacturing. Air serves as the conveyor, while heat is a transformer. In applications where one needs to use high-temperature blower fans, both these processes are happening together or nearby. This also means the fans in these applications need to be able to take the heat, and in certain cases, these are also accompanied by corrosive gasses. Buying a good industrial fan manufacturer will certainly benefit everyone.