In the modern era, we cannot separate technology from business. With the smaller and smaller world every day due to increasing communication between people, technology plays an important role in business ways done throughout the world. The use of technology has increased rapidly in the past 2-3 decades. Many new and unique business ideas have emerged because of technology. The new business method is being developed every day for the purpose of processing various business activities. Without technology, these routine tasks will take a lot of time and effort to be resolved. In addition, this will have accuracy and precision, which can only be provided by technology. That’s just because the technology that many businesses grow rapidly on this planet.

Fundamental reasons for technology are increasingly popular so that it is easily available, cheap, efficient and reliable. There is no human who matches the accuracy of the computer, no matter what he is sharp. The concept of multitasking is popular in the field of technology. The ability to do various tasks at one point in time is the main advantage of using technology because it does not only save a lot of time but also money. Internet for example has reduced marketing and communication costs.

The use of technology is not only limited to a particular domain or niche. No matter whether it is operational, administrative, mathematics etc., can be done easily and precisely with the help of technology.

Today, it is difficult to imagine our lives without using technology. This is not just our business that depends on it, in fact our lives. The only concern that was there with the use of technology was that he inhibited the development of the skills of an individual and made him too dependent on himself.