We always think that replacing eggs and meat, from the food is enough. Well, it just makes vegetarian food. To switch to a low-fat diet in the vegetarian regime, here are some techniques & tips. Try this and you will go to a real health diet.

1. Change animal fat with vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil, although it becomes fat like all other oils contain, what we call ‘good fat.’ Butter consists of animal fat. Use vegetable oil instead of frying & sauteed.

2. Replace animal-based stock with vegetarian choices.

Try using vegetable stock, wine or broth to sauce, soup & stew. Often, people use animal-based stocks in this food.

3. Enjoy your rice.

Rice can be more savory and interesting with a simple trick. Saute olive oil with several garlic pasta for two minutes. Now add rice & saute until it becomes a golden chocolate. Next try adding vegetable stock to increase the taste. Also, don’t miss out to follow the instructions for cooking on the package.

4. Use fresh ingredients.

It’s always healthy to have fresh food, so try using all fresh ingredients in the food.

5. Add life to wilted lettuce.

Try pouring lemon juice along with cold water to soak the lettuce and let it be disturbed for at least one hour. This will add to the new zing to wilted.

6. Balancing salt and sugar.

me. Add raw potato pieces to soup or soup if it has become salty. After cooking throwing potatoes. They will absorb all extra salt.
II. Add salt to repair soup or soup that is too sweet.
I, I, I. Add Sari vinegar to cancel the sweetness of the vegetable or unwanted main course.

7. Use a fork to stir vegetables.

Sometimes stirring potatoes, zucchini, squash or carrot damaging the plate when they become too soft. Use the fork to stir them and get rid of the problem.

8. Thickening sauce.

Here are some runny, you can add a variation of sauce to make it thick:
me. Corn starch is mixed with cold water. The ratio is one appeal.
II. Red rice flour. For each half liquid liquid, add one & two third teaspoons.
I, I, I. Pelky or flour starch. For each half liquid liquid add two third teaspoons.
IV. Tapioca flour. The ratio is one appeal.
v. Peanuts.

9. Read the recipe in full.

To save time, read the new recipe completely completely. This will help you know all the ingredients before hand and ensure that everything needed is quite useful.

10. Change sugar with brown rice syrup.

Substitute red rice syrup in a honey place, sugar or other sweeteners. One & quarter cup syrup for every cup of sugar. Also, leave 1 quarter cup fluid from the recipe.