Cooking vegetables can be a great way to add extra side dishes to your food, or many people like to use vegetables cooked in their main course dishes. But, there is a debate about whether vegetables are cooked good for your health. This article will compare the differences between cooked vegetables and raw vegetables so you can decide for themselves.

The main reason for cooking vegetables is considered detrimental is because the cooking process kills many enzymes and vitamins and minerals decreases by heat. However, it is important to remember that some nutrients are still contained in vegetables, they do not lose all their goodness when they are cooked.

On the other hand, eating raw vegetables is a great way to improve the enzymes you get and also increase your nutritional intake.

This is the reason why enzymes in raw food are very important: your body needs an enzyme to digest the food you eat. There are many types of foods that do not contain this enzyme, so your body must produce enzymes or use the enzymes that already have. Eating raw fruits and vegetables will help provide your body with more enzymes so you don’t have to rely on limited enzymes that can be produced naturally in the body.

When vegetables eat raw, they are nutritional solid calories … which means that they contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables are very useful, because it helps improve your immune system, prevent disease, and improve overall health.

Although raw vegetables are healthier than cooked vegetables, that does not mean that you should not cook vegetables at all. I tried to eat raw fruits and vegetables in high amounts, and then I added cooked vegetables and other health foods such as grains, nuts and nuts, nuts and healthy fats.