If you’ve ever got a notification from Amazon that your Amazon account suspended you know how worrying this can be. Sellers who have never seen an account suspension before & aren’t knowledgeable on the topic are likely to terror & wave a bit in an attempt to get their commerce with Amazon back up & running. While we can’t do everything regarding the panic you can feel, we do have several tips to assist you to navigate the procedure of appealing your suspension & getting your business to restore on Amazon.

How To Avoid Amazon Account Suspension And Amazon Appeal

There are many marketplaces these days, who sales almost all kinds of products online with the guidance of their loyal sellers. Amazon is one of the well-known e-commerce platforms throughout the globe with more than 3 lakh vendors. For keeping the belief & excellence of the product sold over its platform, Amazon has a long list of policies that are strictly followed by sellers. Amazon blocks the vendor for a usual policy infringement; this is why they need to offer clients top buyer satisfaction.

If your Amazon account is suspended it doesn’t mean that you can never deal again on Amazon, it can be activated again after an apology or Amazon appeal letter to verify that you will never repeat the error which you had made in the past. By doing so, your seller account can be restored & once again you are all set to begin selling at Amazon. Here are some of the outlines which will provide you an overview on why the seller account has been suspended, how to restore the suspended seller account; appeal for the seller account, etc.

For vendor suspension, Amazon sends mail & warning to the vendor for several valid reasons. It contains some main general reasons. Amazon has decided on a rate for it. If the seller crosses the limit Amazon will send a warning.

These are:

  • Order Defect Rate (Product not equivalent to Description) Order fault Rate is 1%.
  • Late Dispatch Rate must not exceed 4% (retain your stock)
  • Order Cancellation Rate
  • Late Order Processing Rate must not cross promise delivery date (usually processes within 24 hrs).
  • Respond to consumer Rate (is 10% limit); serious buyers show attention to your product.

Restricted Products:

Seller frequently comes to this problem, which is violated by the vendor. You need to be conscious that you cannot sell a copy version of a goods or that one which you don’t have permission to sell. All these things can become a reason to get your Amazon account suspended.