There are quite a few website builders available for various purposes. There are those that are designed for a specific niche such as Shopify’s e-commerce website builder, those used for travel and vacation rentals, and there are others that are there for general all-around website design – the latter being multi-purpose websites if you will.

WIX is one of the best multi-purpose website builders out there and there are tons of wix reviews that can give you information about how WIX works. I have seen people use Wix for hotel websites, other people have opted to use WIX as a health or lifestyle blog spot, and by far the most common use for WIX is those using the website builder for their business website.

Today web developers are an essential part of our business whether you hire a full-time or part-time designer and coder or if you hire a web development company to outsource your web project work. You can find out more about web development and how to hire a stellar agency on Forbes. Either way, most businesses need an expert website engineer to be able to at least perform some tasks on the website that requires special skill and knowledge.

WIX eliminates some of the expenses that would be forked out to pay for web design, and in some respects for some of the coding costs needed to add business critical function to your website. Although at this point it should be noted that WIX is not recommended for large company websites. It is more of a convenient website builder for small businesses looking to save themselves unnecessary expenses on web development.

When comes with easy website design templates and features that help you build an attractive website with very little web design experience needed whatsoever. You can add boxes for text and add images to image boxes with the ability to resize them in order to make the best use of the space available on your web page. It really is as simple as that.

Wix website review are the best place to start because you will get an idea of what other people are saying about how the WIX website builder is performing for them. You may also have a list of question that you want answering before committing to a website builder.

  • Is hosting included?
  • How much are the monthly fees?
  • Can use my own domain name?
  • Is this system time consuming to learn?
  • Is there any example of existing WIX sites?
  • What is their customer support like?
  • Are there learning resources out there like videos?

Your shortlist of questions are nearly always answered when looking at customer reviews rather than reading the WIX website’s marketing pages. Of course, every company wants to make their product look attractive, so the WIX outlook on their website builder is, of course, going to be very positive. Hence, you will need to look deeper to do some of your own research.

Making Sure You Have the Best Customer Support

Customer services are one of the most important sides to your internet marketing project. That means having a team ready to answer support emails and a live chat. On top of this, blogs, chatbots, and sales training for customer agents are all important to offering customer service excellence.

Self Help Customer Support

Self-help options given to your support agents is just as important as the live chat option. This means providing your customers with the ability to find out information about your brand, offer information that stops mistrust, and offers reasons why your products or services are suitable or how they fulfil a want or a need in much the same way as we explained in the section above for live chat.

Blog: Blogs are not always there for customer service, but a well organised blog can also achieve customer service excellence. With the right filters, search functions, and categories, your site visitors can find out more about a product, learn about your company, and educate themselves more about your industry.

Chatbots: Chatbots are one of the most up to date ways to give your customers a self-help tool. They are especially popular for after hours customer services. You can easily learn how to create chatbox support apps and add them to your website. Chatbots are often an entire FAQ for all questions that could arise about your company, brand, prices, products, service, opening hours, goods, and more.

FAQ: A decent FAQ section is a must for all websites. Without an FAQ, you are not giving your customers answer they may want to find out for themselves. Some companies believe that by not providing an FAQ it means customers will seek help via email or live chat giving the company a chance for a potential sale. In fact, not having an FAQ puts customers off, and often when they cannot find answers to simple questions your website or services are left of the potential customer’s shortlist.

Live Chat Support

Live chat is always the best way to make sales because customers feel safer speaking with someone in real time. Your customer service agents can act as sales agents, pass on leads, and offer customer support for both pre-sales and after sales.

Gaining Trust: It gains the brand trust; your support agents also have a chance to quell any mistrust the consume may have as well as push back any doubts. These actions are also basic sales techniques as a salesperson’s job is to take away fer and doubt that results in sale.

Getting people to see needs and wants: On top of this, live chat is a great way to pass people over to the sales team as leads or send them to sales driven content on your website. This is where the second stage of the sale process comes into action. That is to show the consumer how your products or services solve an issue or fulfil a ‘need’ or ‘want’.

Offer aftersales reassurance: On top of this, your customer services agents can remind the potential customer of the quick service received via the live chat. That also means the firm offers not just excellent pre-sales, but the live chat is also there or after sales.

What’s Next?

Once you have your website and customer services for both self help and live services up and running, your next step is to get customers to your website. You will need to hire a marketing agency or SEO expert or you can learn how to do your own internet marketing. This can often be time consuming if you already have a business to run, but if you are on a budget, then search around for marketing agencies that can offer you package quotes so you can choose one that suits your budget.