The world of technology has been far away. Not long ago had not thought of people who had computers in their homes were a distant idea. The minds of people can bring their computers with them outside the home are a stranger idea. It must make you wonder what will be available for future generations. It seems that technology is growing and changing with leaps and limits all the time. There is no doubt that the internet is the technology that is here to stay. Although it might change and grow in a way that we might not predict, it will have for a long time. People seem to depend on how often they are connected to the internet. At least in the United States many businesses are done through the internet. It’s possible through 3G smart phones, email, online chat, or video conferencing. So what is the next thing that comes in the world of internet technology. The next big thing has arrived at the scene, and it’s called a 4G network.

This might sound familiar to you if you have experience with a 3G network. This is a network used by many cellphones to allow you internet access to check e-mail or download music. 4G is the next generation after 3G and as you would expect to come to the scene with many improvements above its predecessor. First, up to four times faster than the 3G connection. This means you will be able to complete your online assignment much faster than before. This also means that you will be able to do things that you cannot do with your 4G connection. This brings us to other benefits of 4G technology. It can be used with your regular laptop or desktop computer. This is a big benefit of 3G because with a laptop you can receive and send large files, see it, edit it, and send it back. None of these might occur with 3G smart phones. As simple as them, they fall short in this area. And the next benefit with a 4G wireless connection is mobility. All you have to do is package cellular air cards that allow you to connect to the internet along with your laptop and you can connect to 4G from anywhere. This also means never have to search around a free wireless internet connection. You will have yours with you. You only need to be within network coverage to connect. Simple and fast.