1g, 2g, 3g history

The 4G LTE technology and ancestors, 2G and 3G are the same cellular technology, which is considered by it in 1992. It is International Telecommunication Union, the United Nations, which controls all aspects of telecommunications in the world. Until now, technology such as 1G and 2G does not face current 3G connectivity technology and the latest 4G LTE WiFi connectivity. In 1992 2G began to replace the old 1G and was first launched in Finland in Europe. Network system 2G connectivity is far more than 1G, much better and faster than internet connection.

3G technology.

After 2G, coming to more efficient technology, Tech 3G, has developed its roots in 2000, while the 3G standard was approved in 1999. 3G technology can now be easily found throughout the world in almost every smartphone, tablet and computer. Verizon is the first network to set 3G connectivity. 3G technology allows users to download files from the internet at a speed of 7 Mbps and at least 512 kbps upload speeds. At present, almost all operators are known to offer 3G services in the United States, and now there are many devices on the market with 3G support.

4G technology.

4G is the fourth generation technology of wireless connectivity, new technology is super-fast and more attention every day. 4G technology is designed for higher wireless speeds for mobile smartphone users, tablets with high speeds up to 100 Mbps downloads and 50 Mbps uploads. WiMAX is the first company to introduce and test 4G LTE. WiMAX released the first LTE connectivity in 2006., but was finally released in 2009. It was the beginning of the internet super fast at a speed of 1 Gbit / s. Initially 4G technology is a Wi-Fi communication mobility service, which is intended for cellphones, but in the near future 4G will be on every electronic device such as TV or PC. The 5G technology release date may be in 2017.

Android and 4G LTE

Most 4G smartphones run on the Android operating system platform. Android OS provides 4G new meaning connectivity and guaranteed speed of 100 Mbps to download. 4G Android phones are optimized for LTE technology and gives user extraordinary experience when exploring the internet and downloading files much faster than in other operating systems. 4G is now pinned on all new devices such as PC tablets, desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, and game devices such as Playstation.