Web 2.0 technology describes the new ‘World Wide Web‘ incarnation which is characterized by the transition from the standard hosting website to the media which provides an internet attendance point, which is sometimes called a web portal. Entrepreneurs can see it as a medium for their business, internet marketers can see it as a key platform for interaction, software experts can take it as a channel for application development, and journalists can consider it as a stage for advanced media.

Apparently, this web 2.0 mantra is the reception of the internet itself as a channel to develop new software programs and bless clients with the main solution. Actually, Web 2.0 is far more than that, it is ‘attitude’ that the best creation material does not come from the most successful organizations, the largest, but from its own government platform where different users have the freedom to make their own content.

The latest Web 2.0 technology is increasingly included in the company to improve efficiency and productivity, and communication between different companies. Take examples of web videos; Videos can be used to follow up on customer, FAQ and employee training. The core reason is to facilitate more types of media to go with more customers. The use and flexibility of this application ensures that the IT part can provide authority employees to adjust the application that suits themselves. This will not only increase overall efficiency, but it will also increase employee productivity and morals.

Communication is the most important part of every successful company. The ability of workers interacts in real-time through instant messaging techniques to increase efficiency. With many applications that can be freely accessed like Skype paired with the width of the existing band, the overall cost can be ignored.

There are many companies that use ‘blogs’ as the main type of customer service. By posting informative content for common problems, an organization can solve the most common problems in advance, cut costs in customer support. Also, because of the two-way nature of the blog, the client will like to include the resolution of their own problems.

Finally, but no less important, this technological innovation prospects excellent in education and training. Simple roaming on any video site will reveal that online video training is increasingly popular.

Above all, from the smallest start to the largest multi-national, this technology truly revolutionizes the ways of individual work, both outside and in the organizational structure.