Chicken is a very popular food. There are all types of chicken, including various parts such as legs, thighs, wings, quarters etc. Don’t forget the whole chicken. For some people, the idea of ​​cooking a frightening whole chicken. So, before you start, you really need to now what you do.

The first thing first, get all your shared supplies. Naturally, you need chicken, spices or different spices, spices, salt and pepper and whatever certain recipes can be contacted. Every good cook has a sharp knife and for cooking a whole chicken you will also need a baking pan and a meat thermometer.

Let’s cook. Set your oven to 350 to heat the heating, and in an average time cleaning your chicken by removing the giblet bag which is usually inside. Wash chicken with cold water and dry it with a paper towel. A good rule of practical is to leave the skin so that the chicken remains moist when cooking. Bumpy birds but you want and put it on the chest chest roast. Rub well with olive oil or spices and places in an open oven.

How long do you cook a whole chicken? Usually two pounds take about one or one and a half hours to cook. Make sure you check it while cooking and when you see that the skin has browned properly, remove it from the oven. Use your meat thermometer to check maturity. One hundred eighty degrees in thighs means you are finished! Of course you can also cut thighs and see to make sure there are no red or raw meat and juice juice to determine whether the chicken is cooked quite well. I always let the cock sit for fifteen minutes to finish cooking before I carve it.

As usual, make sure to clean everything that might be touched by raw chicken, including whatever you touch with ‘chicken hands’ when preparing it for the oven. Keeping your family stay healthy and free of contamination as important as giving them delicious food, cooked with a house from the heart.

There is a trend that plants ‘batch cooking’, and you can use grilled or baked chicken for this purpose. Spend a day cooking some whole chicken and use meat to make some food for the coming weeks. You can freeze the chicken in parts or tear it for tacos, soups, salads etc. A fast day lunch that everyone likes tears in the chicken bbq on bread and salad. Easy and delicious!