Any maps created using the showmymap mapping tool can be trusted and come with full customization to meet your needs and audience. Whether a small or large business organization, there is so much you can achieve by using our map tool. The customized map gives you a wide variety of map styles that help you open or view default maps. customize your map with the help of map markers. The interactive map is very important for a presentation to boost the informational value of your article to increase the engagement of the map website.

How to utilize interactive google map capabilities

The is capable enough to share the same information as google maps. Whether you use google maps to get directions or find a specific address or place, zoom in and out to modify perspectives to calculate distance, among others. When you customize an interactive map using the showmymap tool, you get the same function and features like google map and more. It’s time to show smart tools superior power of interactivity.

  • Filtering tools- These tools allow you to filter your data based on what you need to see and discover. It recovers the unnecessary clutter and gets you a map that shows you what you need.
  • Optimized directions- With com, you don’t have to second guess or do trial or error. The interactive show map gives you optimized directions wherever you need to go.
  • Store locator- When you use showmymap, you make your business easy to find and hard to miss, making your customer want to work with you as a business partner.
  • Heat maps- We create a map that shows area density and modify different colors as needed.
  • Data export- Save your copy with few clicks by exporting your data as pdf, KML, or jpg.

How to make a map online?

Anyone can create their maps online and for free using any of the map-making tools available on the internet. When creating your map, you need a spreadsheet with your location data, i.e., address, landmarks, cities, etc. While making a map or cartography is both science and art, cartography develops more exploration of the world were the new surveying techniques and the invention of the telescope, the magnetic compass, etc. These maps were produced for innovations. With the free access to mapping data online and google maps, you can make your map easily, and for that, all you need to do is locate data in an organized manner in your spreadsheet and use the showmymap’s map-making tools. When you prepare your datasheet, create separate columns for the different location data categories that will have your cities, zip codes, states, area codes, etc.

These categories will serve as the column headers. Even if you don’t organize your data this way, Showmymap technology will sort all for you, and you will have a planned spreadsheet that will have your address, all data, and zip codes to locate your location. The showmymap has global coverage, which helps you create a map using location data from anywhere in the world. This platform offers a wide variety of customization and editing tools that allow users to transfer their spreadsheet data into an informative, insightful, and interactive map that they will use for whatever purpose they need.