Are you visiting properties at quadwalls to find a new home but don’t know what to evaluate during the visit? Breathe; we are here to help you. We know how important it is for you to have detailed information during this time and to clear all your doubts to avoid future surprises. With that in mind, we have separated tips for you to know what to evaluate in the property during your visit. Keep reading to find

1 – What Are The Condominium Rules Regarding Pets?

Check if in the building regulations there is any rule regarding pets. By law, condominium management is not allowed to prohibit or impose limits on the size of pets. In the case of wild animals, management may require documentation of possession regulated not to be held responsible for an environmental crime. Most condominiums restrict the movement of pets through the service elevator and limit their access to common areas such as swimming pools and playgrounds.

2 – How Is The Hydraulic And Electrical System Of The Property? Are Any Renovations Done Or To Be Done?

Do a thorough check to see if there are any apparent signs of problems, such as leaks, leaks, swollen tiles, moisture stains, cracks, or any other sign that draws attention. Try to test sockets, switches, faucets, everything you have access to.

3 – How Is The Property Documentation Regularization? Property Tax? Deed In The Buyer’s Name? Condo Up To Date?

Ask to see all the property’s documentation and make an appointment with the city’s land registry. If the apartment is used, check with the administrator or the landlord if there is any debt with the condominium.

Several documents are required by quadwalls in the purchase and sale process, both from the seller and the property – see here which documents are necessary when buying or selling your property. If you are unsure about the documentation, count on our legal advice to evaluate the documentation presented.

4 – From The Current Decoration And Furniture, What Is On The Property?

If it’s a used property and you have planned furniture and air conditioning in good condition, if it’s interesting, try to negotiate for them to stay in the property, so it’s one less expense and worries when moving.

5 – At What Time Does The Sunshine On The Property? Sun In The Laundry Room?

Also, consider the solar position in the apartment. Typically, those that get sun in the morning tend to be calmer and consequently more expensive, and those that get sun in the afternoon tend to be hotter. Check the places that get the most sun; laundry is a crucial part to consider.