Among the worst mistakes hi-tech companies make is attempting to make their service or product attract a lot of markets. The number of occasions has someone said, “their method is so wonderful that ‘EVERYONE around the planet’ tends to buy it!” When you speak with them a couple of several weeks later, they are either bankrupt, or near to it.

By trying to impress everybody, you’ll finish up pleasing nobody. Although there might be a variety of groups (areas) that may make use of your product, every one has different needs and needs, and are attempting to solve different problems. For instance, let’s say you sell exactly the same service or product towards the healthcare and education markets, you’ll receive demands for feature enhancements and services that address problems that are unique to every market for example Medical Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance for healthcare customers and Average Yearly Progress (AYP) issues for education.

This may be a serious problem for small hi-tech companies simply because they generally have limited sources. So, once they get swamped with support problems and enhancement demands from various areas, they cannot satisfy them adequately. Consequently, customers become dissatisfied and defect to competitors.

A much better strategy is always to focus on solving a particular problem for any well-defined target audience, no matter industry. One particualr company that performs this well is Image Tag, Corporation. in Chandler, AZ. Image Tag sells an application known as Kwik Tag that can help companies manage document flow by enabling users to produce digital copies that may be retrieved when needed from the “virtual file cabinet.” Pretty much every company has problems handling the huge amounts of paper that go around with the office.

Therefore, Image Tag could conceivably select a “machine gun” approach and market Kwik Tag like a solution for all sorts of document management. However, when they did this, they’d have to spread scarce sources way too thin. Rather, they have wisely selected a “rifle” approach-to pay attention to problems connected using the a / rOrdue process for purchasers using Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Software), Microsoft NV (formerly Navision) and Microsoft AX (formerly Axapta). They are additionally a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. So, they may also leverage Microsoft’s sources to maximise their sales and marketing sources.

So, when you are planning for a online marketing strategy, remember that you will be a lot more effective if you concentrate on solving one problem Perfectly rather of attempting to become everything to any or all people.