Microsoft has introduced multi-touch technology in Windows 7, which allows you to browse online newspapers, films through photo albums, and send files and folders by using only your fingers on the multitouch desktop on Windows 7.

This tool allows you to enlarge by placing two fingers on a compatible multi-touch PC screen and spread it. To right-click the file you need to touch with one finger and tap the screen with one second.

However, the Windows Touch feature in Windows 7 support is only available on Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate Editions. Apart from it, the start menu and the taskbar in the latest Windows 7 Sport, the Fingertip icon. Not only that, all your favorite Windows 7 settings are also ready to touch.

Interestingly, you can even paint fingers in the paint displayed in Windows 7. However, touch technology is also present in Windows Vista but the advancement of technology features it is not as good as it is as good as in Windows 7.

The latest Windows 7 is also equipped with handwritten recognition technology, which is a computer’s ability to receive and interpret handwriting inputs that can be understood from various sources. The Windows 7 media center has also been optimized. To make the use of efficient Windows 7, Microsoft has compiled this technology that allows you to browse compact websites and are not easily passed by the mouse. The buttons provided in Windows 7 are a little wider to accommodate pressed with the finger on the screen that is activated touch including touch screen, tablet PC etc.

Simple to access and easy to learn! Remove the mouse and use your fingers to access whatever you want. After you pair Windows 7 with a touch screen PC, it will be very simple to browse online newspapers, movies through photo albums, and shuffle files and folders don’t use anything. For the first time multitouch technology has been fully embraced by Windows 7. Every task you want to do will be very simple. If you want to right-click, just touch the PC that is compatible with multitouch with one finger and tap the screen with another screen.

Microsoft has provided a touch interface that is optimized in Windows 7 with a touch screen PC. Windows Touch is only available in three Windows 7 Home Premium editions, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate. As you find on the iPhone, multi-touch features are bundled on Microsoft Windows 7 with tablet PCs. Touch features provide direct interaction freedom. You can work on your computer with simpler notification. Learn what is happening around you with Windows 7 just minutes. It offers you with more control and makes you in the center of the media world. You can see quickly videos and update themselves with Windows 7, Internet Explorer, and Windows Live.

Windows 7 provides users with touch movements that include the base of tap and dragging, and scroll, right-click, back, forward, zoom, and play. High dpi support has also been enhanced in Windows 7. The benefit of this feature is that the UI element looks closer and greater that makes it easier for users to access small buttons with touch. Windows management has also been increased. Onscreen keyboard, taskbar buttons, thumbnails, and Aero Peek are designed to work with touch. Users can easily measure and position Windows with Aero Snap.