Sit back and ask yourself what do you typically do before buying a product or going to a restaurant? You along with millions of other people read online reviews, right? That answer right there is why a positive online reputation is so valuable to an online business. Reviews can make or break your business. That’s why it is crucial to know where and how to get fraudulent reviews removed, especially from the big three: Yelp, Google Reviews and Facebook recommendations.

Womply Research conducted a study on if online reviews have an impact on small business revenue. The findings of the study showcased small businesses with 82 total reviews (or more) received 54 percent more in annual revenue compared to the average. So reviews do matter! And it’s important to remove fraudulent reviews so the positive ones can stand out. After reading this article, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from online embarrassment, ultimately generating you better business results.

Removing Yelp Reviews

What is Yelp? Yelp works by encouraging people who go out to eat at a restaurant and have a great time, to not keep this to themselves, and share their positive experience with others. Customers can also give places review stars, on a rising scale of 1 to 5. Not every experience is positive so Yelp serves as a cautionary tale when customers end up less than pleased, making it vital that businesses find a way to remove negative Yelp reviews. Yelp tries to delete fake reviews and spam content with moderators but this is not a perfect science.

The best bet is to first report the fraudulent review to Yelp. If that is unsuccessful try reaching out to the disgruntled customer to see if things can be patched up. If they refuse to remove the yelp review, you can reply as the business. Reaching out to an online reputation management company like Net Reputation may be the next best option. Net Reputation’s solid suppression and review removal services can do wonders for the online presence of any company dealing with unwanted or fraudulent Yelp reviews.

Getting Google Reviews Removed

Currently there is no way to remove bad or fraudulent Google Reviews. The only option right now is to flag bad as inappropriate, and allow Google to check the content. If the review doesn’t comply with Google’s review policies and guidelines it will be removed. The very first thing our staff at Net Reputation do when looking to remove a Google Review, is to identify the business in question’s top search phrases on Google. This is what customers are typing in most often to bring up your business as a search result. From here, we take this information and begin analytics on positive search results, owned websites, similar profiles and negative content. These details if not watched can negatively impact the reputation of a business.

Find Out What Your Online Reputation is Like

To survive in the online realm, a business needs to learn how to defend its honor, aka, defend its online reputation. This is where Net Reputation comes in to assist with removing fraudulent reviews. Why are we an expert reputation management company? We neutralise unwanted information and inundate the search engines with high quality content from the company to successfully online manage.

How to Get Fraudulent Reviews Removed

Hopefully you now feel more informed on how to protect yourself from online embarrassment and remove bad reviews, ultimately generating you better business results overall. Do not allow one bad review to be the downfall of your revenue. Here at Net Reputation, we have a team of experts who can quickly research negative content, suppress it and create positive content on the web for everyone to see. Call us at 844-917-0925, e-mail us at, or send us a message online for your free analysis.