Securing your workplace or company facility is one of the primary duties of an employer. While the digital awakening has led many companies to focus on cybersecurity and privacy protection, securing company buildings, workstations and facilities remain as essential as ever. Placing emphasis on your company building’s security not only protects your employees, equipment, and workplace but helps to ensure safety for your business and safe delivery of your services to consumers.

So how can you ensure that your facility is safe? Historically, many facilities relied on placing guards on-site to prevent break-ins and external threats. This has however proven effective as security threats aren’t always external. Sometimes you need your industrial facilities to be secure against rust, fire, bombs, and other unexpected mishaps. This blog dives into the world of company buildings and how best to secure your offices and facilities.

What Is Company Building Security?

Company building security refers to steps, plans, and procedures put in place to enhance the safety and security of your working environment. This includes the type of material used within working areas, employee accessibility, visitor safety, and the maintenance of equipment. Whether you’re a small business or franchise, it’s essential that you can go to bed at night knowing your business place is secure. To do this, you’ll need to deploy an effective security policy.

An effective security policy is one that’s tailored to meet and neutralize the security threats that are likely to occur at your office or workplace. For instance, your home and workplace require different security systems depending on the assessed risks. Such a policy may include alarm systems, electronic access cards, clearance levels, door types, and security perimeters. All of these factors are essential in keeping your working environment safe and secure. Having comprehensive security systems in place exterminates threats of robbery and damage to your business assets.

Choosing The Right Security System

Since there are no one-size-fits-all rules, several factors are essential in choosing what kind of security system to deploy at your business place. Some of these include the nature of the building, the size of the facility, surrounding environment to name a few.

  • Evaluate the Possible Security Threats

The first step to picking the right security system for your business is to evaluate the possible threats. Are you trying to keep out intruders or keep an eye on employees and others within the building? Are robbery cases common where you’re located? The answers to this question are essential to picking a tailor-made security system.

  • Nature of Your Building

Given the commercial nature of business facilities, they require separate security policies from homes. Commercial security systems often involve surveillance cameras, lighting, electronic access cards that keep records of entries and exits as well as an intrusion detector. Intrusion detectors are alarm systems that go off when someone has broken into your building forcefully. These may be in form of motion sensors, glass break detectors, and priority response signals.

  • Location and Environmental Concerns

Stocking up on indoor security systems is laudable, but not preventive enough. You should also pay attention to dimly lit areas outside your building particularly if it isn’t fenced. These areas include parking lots, sidewalks, and tree growths around your facility. It’s crucial to keep these places trimmed and well-lit at night. External lights activated upon motion detection may help keep intruders from loitering around your premises.

  • Assess Your Traffic

Another important factor is the level of human traffic at your company or store during work hours. Depending on the size of your organization, you may want to introduce surveillance cameras and electronic cards for employees. This keeps an active timeline of who goes where, and when. It also prevents visitors from accessing sensitive parts of the building without clearance.

Benefits Of Company Building Security

Commercial security systems help to prevent your business from suffering attacks, whether in form of stolen property or damage to equipment. They also provide a conducive environment for your employees and customers to go about their activities without constant fear. Comprehensive security systems also ensure the safety of your organization’s assets. These systems are highly effective and easy to use. With their advanced technology, you can view all sections of your building and toggle alarms wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or computer.

If you’re unsure of what security systems to deploy, you may consult a risk assessment officer to get custom answers. In addition to the technological security system, you may also hire a security team to beef up your commercial security system.