It is not without reason that choosing the freight company such as cowtown express for instance according to the type of business is essential, as it contributes to speed and security of delivery – a market differential for any company. With the evolution of e-commerce added to the modernization of transport operations, it is clear the importance of knowing well the freight options with which it is possible to work to increase productivity and improve business profitability.

The fact is that the various types of freight directly influence how the service is charged and determine the responsibility for delivery and the productivity and profitability of the business.

Shipping x Cargo Characteristics

This is one more way to guide the freight option, as some attributes of the loads can interfere with deadlines in the execution of the transport and the operation costs. Thus, the load can be divided into fractioned or stocking.

Fractional Charge

Supports orders with few items or reduced volume. Ideal for those who want to load a vehicle with products from several customers who must share the freight costs.

Load Stocking

Option for large volume deliveries that occupy the entire capacity of the vehicle. There is no freight sharing in this case, and they go directly to their destinations.

Shipping X Cargo Value

High added value

If the cargo includes valuable goods, such as pharmaceutical products, it will require a more protected vehicle and, in some cases, even an escort. Therefore, the cost of shipping will be higher, including insurance.

Low Added Value

For example, these are the cases where the load is sand or fertilizer. In this situation, the freight price tends to be more expensive than the unit price of the merchandise, and a reasonable price agreement with the freight company is necessary.

Light Or Heavy Loads

The weight of the cargo can also interfere with the freight option. Heavy loads take up little space but the full weight capacity of the truck. It is noteworthy that this type of cargo prevents the available space from being filled with more merchandise, making freight more expensive, with a higher cost per unit. With light loads and large volumes, freight is more expensive, as they limit the possibility of loading more products in the exact vehicle. For these reasons, some companies such as cowtown express for instance establish a minimum weight to enable delivery, preventing the truck from leaving with a minimal volume of goods.

 National Or International

Regarding the types of transport, it is worth noting whether it is national, that is, whether the companies are on Brazilian soil, or whether it is international when there is import and export, a situation in which they need to comply with current rules and laws, with specific procedures.

In General, Care Is Not Enough!

Understanding the modalities and verifying the most advantageous are the first steps to choosing the best freight for your business. Other precautions are also needed, including:

– Check the cost-effectiveness with the distance to be covered;

– Observe whether the chosen type of transport is suitable for the product’s characteristics;

– Check the safety of the route to the delivery region, as this can interfere with costs, including insurance;

– Avoid slow and very bureaucratic modes if you are in a hurry;

– Research the credibility of the freight company and the quality of services before hiring.