While the third quarter of this year comes to a close, Amazon Web Services roared through Q2, generating over $19 billion. As the platform continues to grow quarter over quarter, more and more businesses are clearly all-in on cloud-based web services. Investment into this level of sophistication requires some diversification to couple with it, however.

Most initial cloud spending budgets for organizations were established in hopes that the various offerings on the market would evolve as a result of leveraging AWS solutions. However, it’s clear that the competitive edge belongs to Amazon, as their offering has become the industry standard in streamlined cloud services.

As Amazon’s offering has expanded and evolved, so too has the network that their service now spans. Organizations from industries spanning across the entire business spectrum are finding value in this cloud service. This post will breakdown six of these different industries and detail how these solutions are providing value to them.


Never has the healthcare industry seen more patient, treatment and research data pouring in than they have now. With more data coming in, the need for a secure way to store and access this information, especially in compliance with HIPAA, is more important than ever.

Understanding that a patient’s privacy is paramount, AWS solutions operate in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Meeting regulatory expectations pertaining to secure storage and access of medical information, means that AWS solutions will remain the cloud service choice for healthcare organizations for years to come. As more and more cloud-based opportunities emerge, rest assured healthcare organizations will be ready and waiting to implement them in hopes to improve the quality of care they offer to patients.


Large scale financial firms have had a history of skepticism surrounding cloud services. Rather than taking a leap of faith when it came to the security of avoiding compromised investments, transactions or accounting errors, these firms avoided any cloud-based offerings. However, with improved cloud security and more value providing features have been added, these institutions have softened up to AWS cloud services throughout their networks.


While many manufacturing firms continue to operate traditionally, that is, hosting their enterprise resource planning solutions locally; many firms have deviated off this path and have transferred these solutions into the cloud. With cloud-based access, every moving part of a manufacturing firm can be congruent, making the process of identifying and acting upon opportunities of improvement related to productivity much simpler.


As the fire of online shopping continues to be stoked by endless e-shoppers, retail organizations are faced with more consumer data than ever. Couple this with additional customers being more comfortable returning to brick-and-mortar stores and that data set expands even further. Understanding that this data can help their organization realize a competitive advantage, many retail organizations have looked to AWS storage and computing solutions to help get the most of their collected data.


The importance of cloud-based services were very evident in the education space when you consider these educators had to deliver lessons through the lens of a computer screen in recent years. Though it’s true many institutions have returned to in-class learning, the benefits of AWS still ring true. Learning management systems continue to be powered by AWS, allowing students and instructors to connect at a more meaningful level.


Speed and accuracy are two of the elements that any supply chain must exceed in if they hope to sustain. In this industry, AWS creates a support network that allows various Internet of Things solutions and technologies to be used by organizations to help monitor, manage and track their moving inventories with increased certainty.

It’s clear that the capabilities of cloud services such as AWS are moving organizations ahead through technological diversification. As more and more organizations integrate these cloud-based solutions, it becomes clear that a staff trained and prepared can make all the difference. If you believe your organization could benefit from a more trained staff, consider the ways in which various With cloud service capabilities continuing to diversify and more companies being open to adopting them, the importance of trained staff becomes ever apparent. Many companies look to the offered AWS training programs in hopes to improve the effectiveness of their services and their employees.

With this training, more and more services can be utilized by employees capable of getting the most out of them and their careers.

Author Bio:-  Anne Fernandez – Anne joined Accelebrate in January 2010 to manage trainers, write content for the website, implement SEO, and manage Accelebrate’s digital marking initiatives. In addition, she helps to recruit trainers and works on various projects to promote the business.