If you are looking for a few budget cooking recipes, you come to the right place! Various types of grilled meat and other big selections are the best way to make a delicious dinner with a little money. This is a great recipe for several Chinese grilled pig style.


Of course this recipe starts with pigs! In any budget recipe, meat will be your biggest cost, so you have to choose your piece wisely.

Fortunately, pork is reasonably priced, and a good piece for grilled meat is the most economical. Your best bet is to go for the shoulder of the pig. It’s delicious, soft when cooked correctly, and sometimes only costs one dollar per pound! It’s fatty, but you can cut it or avoid it if you want.

After you choose a good 5-6 pound pig pig, you will need some other ingredients for this budget cooking recipe. What’s important is the sauce and spices that will spice up meat. You will need soy sauce, ginger, garlic, five spices, red pepper, brown sugar, and salt. Most of these things you already have!

Next, you might want vegetables and rice for baked goods. Because your meat will be very flavorful, you will want to keep everything simple. Take Jasmine or Basmati white rice and several carrots, mushrooms, and leeks for decoration.

Prepare pork

Like most budget cooking recipes, this will be quite easy and simple. Coated with a lot of bake with five spices and salt. In your jar pot, pour water, stock, or broth, and add sugar, soy sauce, and pepper, ginger, and garlic.

Next, you can burn meat with extra flavor if you want. To do this, place the iron pan on the heat that is very high and cook the shoulder side of the raw pork until golden brown. Then, add the meat into the mixture in a jog pot. The golden chocolate crust will add to the depth of flavor!

Cook and serve!

The grilled cooking can not be simpler. After everything is in the pot, turn to low and cook for 8-10 hours. You might need to check to make sure the roast is done, and you can also cook it high if you want to do it faster.

To serve, prepare rice and serve hot and fresh grilled with several carrots, mushrooms, and rather ripe onion onion onion for decoration. If you have some fresh cilantro, which is also a great addition to this budget cooking recipe.