Over time, technology has helped the man moving his physical body and things faster and faster and more and more places than he could not go before.

Now, technology is able to help the man move his mind faster and more locally in the same way. This technology is the technology of spirits.

Mind technology is developed from other technologies on which it is based on and that makes this possible. Technology such as electricity, electronic audio and computer.

What has been done at normal speed in the traditional way can now be accelerated at hyper speeds with technology. It’s like being able to travel in a supersonic jet when you have already worked.

Some people think it’s better to do natural things than to rely on technology. But would you want to walk from one end of the earth to another when you could fly there in a supersonic jet? You would not even think about doing that!

It is possible to walk from one end of the earth to another because all the lands are connected to each other from the North Pole. The earth is actually a flat piece of land wrapped around a sphere and not separate parts around the world. But without technology, we can not travel in the deepest parts of the ocean or even on the moon.

The moment of technology is developed, we must use it. We are progressing or regressing. We have never remained motionless. The advancement of technology is the result of the advancement of knowledge. Change the way we do things by adapting technology is the natural way of evolution of our lives.

Of course, just because we have a supersonic jet, a car or even a motor wheelchair to use does not mean that we no longer form our ability to walk. We always use what is natural but we also integrate the use of technology. So, the best way to live is to use nature and technology. We should never let the technology dominate our natural abilities, but we should use it to improve them.

Technology is the natural result of the ability of the man to think. Technology is therefore part of nature. Technology and nature are one. The only difference between what is natural and not natural is the use. Even things in nature can be used in a non-natural way.

Man has used the power of the mind to develop technology. Therefore, man is able to use the power of technology to develop the mind. The Spirit develops technology to develop the mind. At this age, the progress of humanity will accelerate even more than ever before.

A man was found to have virtually no brain at all. His head was larger than the normal size, but his brain had narrowed at less than a millimeter of brain fabric covering the top of his spine. The student was suffering from hydrocephalus, the condition in which the cerebrospinal fluid, instead of circulating around the brain and entering blood, becomes chopped inside, thus crushing the brain. His head was virtually filled with liquid.

The 26-year-old (1976) student at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom had entered the University doctor’s office with a cold complaints. In a way, he had lived a perfectly normal life. He had no sign of mental deficiency, had a Qi of 126 and a diploma honored in mathematics!

The brain is actually a receiver and not the total warehouse storing our consciousness. The brain is simply an instrument for the mind to communicate with the body. But the mind is not limited by the brain. It can even communicate with the body directly through non-localized means.

You are not flesh. You are an energy using a physical body to interpret and explore this reality. The study of matter from the point of view of energy helps you understand and work with it even better.