How Live Chat Can Change Everything

As just about every savvy business proprietor and merchant knows, happy and satisfied customers and clients almost always translates to increased business and greater profits. Without a high risk merchant account, a business is unable to accept credit and debit card payments.

One of the best ways to keep your customers and clients smiling is by providing them with excellent customer service. Consumers want and need to know that if they do business with your company, they’ll be taken care of should any issues arise. If the opposite occurs and they don’t feel supported by your customer service operation, chances are more than likely that they will not return and purchase from you again.

Live Chat Heeds The Call

Providing your website with live chat capabilities offers your current and potential purchasers a fast and simple way to get answers to questions as well as solutions to problems.

When help is needed, live chat can provide it quickly and easily. If your business backs that up with excellent customer service policies, designed to take good care of your patrons, you will create a safe and protected purchasing environment that serves to bring purchasers back and continue to do business with you.

The Numbers Support Live Chat

Current statistics demonstrate that close to 80% of consumers favor the live chat option over phone or email because it gives them more rapid responses to problems, questions, and issues. They appreciate getting things taken care of immediately without having to wait days to hear back. In fact, up to 92% of consumers that use live chat have the highest satisfaction rate.

Moreover, just under 65% of consumers utilizing the live chat option on websites are far more likely to return to those sites for further purchasing. According to these statistics, live chat is indeed an extremely effective method for keeping your customers and clients loyal to your company.

Creating A Live Chat Program

Live chat is basically provided through software programs and there are many to choose from. In order to go with the one that’s right for your business, you have some decisions to make. For instance, you can pay for your live chat software, however, there are many free or inexpensive options that are just as efficient as the pricy ones.

It’s true that some of the more expensive versions may offer some extra services not provided by the free plans, but you need to research and figure out if these are services that your company actually needs before you make your decision. When you’ve decided on which live chat software package to go with, follow their directions demonstrating how to set up your live chat system. This is generally a pretty simple process. Once your live chat system is set up, you’re ready to go.

Merchant Account Advantage

One of the biggest advantages of having live chat customer service is that it, more often than not, results in fewer chargebacks. Chargebacks are frowned upon by the banks and credit card processors that provide merchant accounts to businesses.

Offering live chat as a customer service option creates satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in customers and clients being far less likely to go to the banks and credit card processors to obtain refunds. Instead, they’ll be more apt to go directly to the company they originally purchased from in order to obtain the help they need, resulting in fewer chargebacks and making it easier for companies to obtain and hold onto their merchant accounts.

The Bottom Line

Live chat is a fairly easy and inexpensive method for just about any business with a website, to keep their clients and customers happy, loyal, satisfied with their purchasing experience, and coming back for more.

The bottom line is this… providing consumers with live chat as a customer service option truly does prove to increase profits and support company growth and security; a simple tool with a very welcome result.