Setting up an LLC can sometimes be easy, but if you feel like you are ever struggling during the process, there are formation services out there to help you. It is not necessary to hire a formation service in Florida, but knowing that you can have help is reassuring. Sometimes you can be caught between wanting to hire professional help or just to go ahead and do it yourself. Here are a few things to consider before hiring a formation service.

What are they responsible for?

When you hire an LLC formation service, they do every step of the setting up process for you. You are responsible for providing the name of the company along with the right documents needed, however they handle the rest and make sure that everything is filed completed correctly for you, in order to get your LLC. It is important to get your application right for your LLC, because if you do make a mistake, your application will be rejected and you would have to start all over again.

What is the benefit of using an LLC formation service?

If you choose to set up an LLC online, they can help lower the cost of the state fee for you. Not only that, but they also make it affordable for you when it comes to hiring a registered agent as well as getting an EIN. Formation services offer the customer support that you need in case you need any additional assistance after your LLC has been set up. They can also offer additional help with lawyers, accounting and give professional advice.


If you are looking for a formation service as a small business owner, then you should consider hiring ZenBusiness. They offer exclusive formation packages, starting at the price of $39 per year, however this doesn’t include state fees. In the package you’ll get a registered agent service, a free operating agreement as well as a worry free CPA assessment, in order to evaluate the finance for your business. There are also other packages that offer a registered domain name, EIN and a Worry Free Compliance Guarantee.


LegalZoom is another formation service that is also to provide excellent customer service. They ensure that you will feel comfortable with the whole setup process, since they will do it on your behalf. They also provide tax advice, an attorney service, as well as assistance to legal paperwork. The price starts at $79 annually, as well as state fees.

Florida Incorporation Service

Florida Incorporation Service can help you with all the filing and paperwork needed for setting up an LLC. They can help set up an LLC for an S and C corporation, as well as help get you a DBA as a nickname. They can help assist with a corporate name search, expedited filing, EIN filing and help provide a registered service agent. Not only that, but they always provide an efficient customer service, as well as a Florida business guide and company binder.

What’s the procedure for an LLC?

You need to first choose a name for your business, then you need to choose a registered agent to hire, then you need to file formation documents as well as set up an operating agreement and lastly you need to get an EIN. For a more detailed guide, you can visit the site with more information on the setup process. 

Our say

If you are not tech savvy or you don’t feel confident setting up an LLC, you can most definitely use a formation service in Florida. It can save you some costs such as hiring a registered agent or getting an EIN. If you struggle with time management or you would like to consider having the option of additional services such as accounting, an attorney or domain registration, then having a formation service can be useful.