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SEO is new to you? You want to fill your knowledge in the field of SEO and take the first SEO measures for your website? In my SEO Basics Series you will learn the SEO basics to make the first SEO arrangements for your website. In 12 big chapters, I’ll show you how to increase your visibility in search engine results and increase traffic on your website. What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Note: If SEO seems too time consuming and techy to you, you can always hire a good digital marketing agency.

SEO refers to measures to improve the position of your website in organic search engine results for specific search queries. SEO covers many aspects, from the words on your website, to other websites that link to your website. This is divided into SEO in on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

SEO is meant to help the search engine understand your website better. You should not focus on the search engine but on the user. Here I do not want to show you any “dirty” methods to trick the search engine, but basic SEO measures, which will bear long-term benefits.

Why do I need SEO?
The bulk of traffic on the web is caused by search engines. In Australia, the Google search engine has a market share of 95% is the number one when it comes to the search on the Internet. In addition to Google’s search engine, search engines such as Bing (2%) and Yahoo (2%) compete with moderate success.

The traffic of search engines is unique in the sense that visitors search for what your website offers. The need for your product, service or information is entered directly into the search slot of the search engine.If your website can not be found in the search engine results, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to lead potential customers to your website.

Can Google find my site without SEO?
Search engines have grown enormously over the years and are also able to index your website without any SEO measures. Nevertheless, they still need help to understand your page better. Even basic SEO measures can drive your page up in the search engine results. Again, gross technical mistakes on your website or harmful SEO measures can cause your website to fall into the depths of search engine results or even completely banish them.

The Internet is flooded by websites that are used exclusively for spam.This is precisely where search engines like Google want to sort out and only websites with good content and added value for the user in the search engine results list. You’ll probably have noticed through your own experiences that websites with a focus on the user have good rankings in the search engines. Finally, search engines like Google and Co. will try to give you the best result for your search.

How long does it take to show SEO measures impact?
The duration up to show SEO measures impact can be very different.This depends on many factors, such as the current positioning of your page in search engine results and the competition. If your site has already proven itself in the search engine results for some keywords, new content is quickly sorted into search engine results. If your website is still new, however, the search engine must first build “trust” with your website.

Because some important ranking factors are about user behavior, search engines need to collect and evaluate this data to determine whether your content provides a good result for different search queries. Particularly off-page SEO measures such as link building usually need some months until they show effect. That’s why you need a long breath first of all, and you should not throw the rifle directly into the grain. Good thing just wants to have some time.